Friday, May 9, 2008

Dick Scott Rewards Program

Here and Dick Scott we place a high value on our loyal customers. One way we reward our loyal customers is with the Dick Scott Rewards Program. When you become a Dick Scott customer you receive a rewards card. There are so many ways to earn and redeem points that we encourage you to give your salesperson or service advisor a call and ask them to explain the program to you. Itching for info right away? Here is a quick rundown!

New Vehicle Purchase - 1,000 points
Used Vehicle Purchase - 1,000 points
Manufacturer Survey Return - 1,000 points
Lease Inspection - 3,000 points
Customer Referral - 2,000 points
Warranty Repair at our Shop - 100 points

$1 spent = 1 point * -
Service Contact Purchase
Rust, Paint, Fabric Protection
TheftGuard Purchase
Service Repair/Parts Purchase**

* upon early cancellation, points will be reversed
** Sublet repairs do not qualify

How do you redeem these points?

500 points
Mopar touch-up paint
Tire Rotation (excludes dual rear wheel vehicles)
Free car wash

1000 points
$20 over the counter parts/accessory gift certificate
Lube Oil & Filter (excludes diesel)

2000 points
$40 over the counter parts/accessory gift certificate
Tire rotation and balance
Front end alignment cars and minivans (parts extra)
Free brake inspection
Free engine detail

3000 points
$50 discount on new or pre-owned vehicle purchase/lease
Cooling system service
4-cylinder tune up (up to $30)
Wheel cover (for applicable SUV's)

There are more ways to earn points and more products and services you can redeem them for. Its just another way we feel Dick Scott is different.